Friday, January 17, 2014

Terra Sig recipe

Use XX Sagar Clay for a white base, and Red Art and Neuman Red as bases. To make the Sig mix 20 lbs of water with 10 lbs of clay and a tbsp or so sodium silicate. Mix well with a drill then let it sit for at least 1 day until it separates. The heavy particles will sink to the bottom, water will separate out on top, and the thin stuff in the middle is the Sig.  siphon off the sig.

Alternatively: here is a description and alternative but similar recipe!

There is lots and lots of info on the internet about terra sig!  Do a search.

I found two places that you can buy it....

mason stains I like to use...... We may have used some others in class but these are also some good colors....
We started with one cup sig and one Tablespoon mason stain.  You can adjust up or down to your taste.

6500 Sage Gray 
6025 Mason Stain 
6304 Chrome Tin Violet
6032 FE Coral
6242 Bermuda Green
6280 Avocado 
279497 Bordeaux Red (degussa encapsilated stain)
6450 Praseodumium Yellow
6364 Turquoise
6666 Cobalt Free Black
6363 Sky Blue
6305 Teal Blue
6219 French Green
6266 Peacock Green
6121 Saturn Orange
6124 Hazelnut Brown
6098 Flesh
6200 Evergreen
6201 Celadon Green
6129 Golden Ambrosia
6385 Pansy Purple
6485 Titanium Yellow
6206 Grass Green
6303 Deep Orchid
6226 Dark Leaf Green
6001 Alpine Rose
6007 Peach
6065 Chrome Alumina Pink
6109 Deep Brown
6339 Royal Blue (2 T)
6004 Crimson 
6319 Lavender
6236 Chartreuse
6209 Chrome Green
41545 Drakenfeld (Ferro)
6376 Robin's Egg Blue
6572 Neutral Grey
6300 Mazarine Blue
6387 Mulberry
Un-named Violet /Purple
6371 Dark Teal Blue
6600 Black


We did not do this in our class, but this can add another wonderful layer to your surface of a bit of sheen or flux.....  somethings I have tried in the past.  

Bisqued pieces to cone 03

The wash was fired to cone 05

1 soda ash to 3 parts water (stronger more fluxing action)

1 soda ash to  6 parts water (weaker)

1 lithium carb to 4 parts water

1 borax to 4 parts water

Jenny's favorite paint brush

18/0 LOEW-CORNELL 7050 Script

a few places to find them on the internet:
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My favorite brushes are sable watercolor brushes, soft, Jerry's has sales on brushes too if you time it right.  There is nothing like a good brush, paying a little bit more is usually worth it!  Just remember to take care of them, don't leave them sitting in water for too long or you will be sad...... :(

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