Friday, January 17, 2014

Jenny's favorite paint brush

18/0 LOEW-CORNELL 7050 Script

a few places to find them on the internet:
Wow this is cheaper than I've ever found them!!!
If you time it right, you can get free shipping here......they have weekly specials

My favorite brushes are sable watercolor brushes, soft, Jerry's has sales on brushes too if you time it right.  There is nothing like a good brush, paying a little bit more is usually worth it!  Just remember to take care of them, don't leave them sitting in water for too long or you will be sad...... :(


  1. Hey Jenny! Do you put the wash on after the bisque firing? Or before?

  2. Hi I generally put the wash on after, and refire to cone 06, but, I have also put it on before to see what happens and sometimes the results are interesting. I invite you to try both ways, and please send me your results! I would love to see what you come up with!!